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I’m using bullseye glass which is a top quality hand-made sheet glass. It offers a huge variety of different types and colours of glass.


Sea blue and purple iridescent glass with maple leave design (10 x 30 cms) An exciting experimental piece that I’m very pleased with.

Sea blues and purples, these standing waves have heaps of depth and colour (10 to 5 x 23 cms long). I’m experimenting with the idea of creating the illusion of looking at multi-coloured pebbles under water.

I’ve seen many multi-coloured pebble beaches in my travels, not least around the Greek islands and the Canaries as well as our own shores and rivers.


Working with a kiln and glass is slow, demanding and exacting. It requires endless patience and skill.  


Sometimes I feel as if I’m ‘painting’ with the glass. Like using watercolours, I’m always looking to create layers of transparency and translucency, vibrancy and depth, and for that optical illusion which excites and satisfies.



For me,  any creative medium is  about light, form and colour.

In the case of glass it’s also about being tactile and three dimensional. - and occasionally useful too!

And perhaps best of all - it wont fade away in the sunlight!

I was looking round the Ancient glass museum in Zadar, Croatia, a few years ago and I was stunned and overwhelmed by glass  on display that was 2000 years old. Wow! SO beautiful and still just about the same as it was when it was made!


A detail from the above wave.........

Below is a boat shaped platter (10 x 30 cms) in iridescent sea blues and opal driftwood grey.

‘Shark Platter’. 20 x 20 cms

‘Long boat 6’ (Iridescent)

10 x 30 cms

‘Autumn leaves’ Platter. 20 x 20 cms

‘Long Boat 4’ Platter. 10 x 30 cms

I’ve been a practicing visual artist all my life, and here on my website you will find a collection of paintings and prints, jewellery designs and much more, reflecting many years of creative exploration and experimentation in various media.

At the moment I’m exploring the art of kiln glass, which I find very challenging and exciting. I’ve included a few pieces for you to look at......