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Wildlife photographs to make you smile!

Here is what I call the ‘BBC bunny photo!’

It was used on the BBC weather program on the 7th May this year.

Below is a close up of the baby bunny.....

A rabbit and its baby have recently moved into the huge bush we have in the front garden and I’ve been watching and photographing them from my studio

Cheeky mouse pinching the birds peanuts......

Our nighttime visitors. In the back garden.......

This is ‘my’ regular badger - I call him Boris

Boris with a friend..........

Eeek! Boris with family?

Very hungry and playful!

Some more genteel visitors......

A hedgehog sits and shares food with a baby fox cub.

And talking of foxes.....


How could you dislike a creature like this?

More to come!

Freddy the star performer in our pond!

















An unusual visitor to our pond and one that is perhaps not so popular..... the local Sparrow Hawk!

Regular visitors to our sunflower seed feeder - a handsome bullfinch and his partner

Seeing double?

Fledgling starlings with their beaks covered in suet!

Busy parent......